Photo Maker

Photo Maker is an easy to use application that allows you to edit your photos to meet your needs. It provides many features such as:

  • Rotate Images
  • Flip images horizontally
  • Flip images vertically
  • Crop images to only save the parts of the photos you want.
  • Email photos
  • Save photos back to your photo library
  • Apply various filters, such as Black & White, Negative and Sepia tone to photos
  • All photos are edited at full resolution
  • Complete support for iTunes File Sharing. You can now import photos directly into Photo Maker through iTunes, edit them and save them so that they can be exported through iTunes.
  • Support for scaling images to different sizes.
  • Import a photo from the pasteboard.
  • Export a photo to the pasteboard.
  • Import a photo from any photo album on your Facebook account.
  • Export a photo to any photo album on your Facebook account.
  • Support for Air Print
  • Complete Russian localization

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If Photo Maker is lacking a feature you would like, please click on the Support link and let me know! I’ll do my best to add it. Thanks!